School of Acting

Academy of Art University’s School of Acting prepares you to become a leading artist in theatre, film, and television. Gain marketable acting, speech, and movement skills while developing the ability to deliver truthful performances that uniquely qualify you for work on a wide array of projects.

Our acting school program is taught by professional, working actors who will provide you with industry insights and inside knowledge they have cultivated through personal expertise. This includes the development of a professional acting demo reel, as well as exposure to agents, managers, and casting directors across the entertainment industry.


What We Teach

Academy of Art University's School of Acting prepares you to become a leading artist in theatre, film, and television. Our top notch facilities and equipment include three sound stages, where you will experience working in front of the camera under the direction of industry leaders. Our diverse course offerings provide a well-rounded and professional training ground.

Physical acting employs the body as a primary instrument of expression and communication. Imagination, body awareness, and physical communication are key to crafting characters. Through movement, you will expand your facility, range, focus, and depth, resulting in greater authenticity in performance.
Voice Production
The full potential of the voice is achieved by employing attention and adjustment to posture, breath, and speech. Integrating these physical elements, you will cultivate vocal creativity, range, and projection, to craft richer characters.
Acting for Stage and Camera
Acting for both stage and screen demands being truthful within the given circumstances of a script. Through behavior and subtext, every detail is an opportunity to reveal a story. By training in both stage and screen media, you will strengthen your skills and marketability, providing a more successful transition into the professional world.
Improvisation provides you with the tools to react and behave reflexively while creating a character within a story. Partner work, risk-taking, creativity, and spontaneity are keys to working within an ensemble, and ultimately to creating multidimensional characters, with or without dialogue.

Developing Actors

Bring your passion for acting to life. Our program hones real-world skills driven by a mandate to provide the most current industry techniques and practices.

Start Your Career Now

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Facilities & Technology

Working with the latest in camera, sound, and lighting equipment is essential to preparing you to enter the work force, which is why we keep up with current advancements in technology and industry practices. Whatever the pros are doing and using is what you will find in our acting classrooms and studios.


Our instructors work in creative businesses, providing you with invaluable knowledge that comes from their personal expertise, as well as networking opportunities that can lead to internships and rewarding careers.

Student Work

April Deutschle
Jacob Fuentes & Samuel Prince
Wei Jung Tsai & Manuel Cruz
In a Kingdom by the Sea / Frank Diaz
Caged / Samuel Prince
A Story Under / Devante Winfrey, Uliana Story, Billy Teague, Donald Rhoades
Not For Comedy / Mario Mazzetti
Golden Child / Yangkun Li, YiYi Li
House of Corrections / Michael Houston, Jack Clendenen

Master Your Craft

The School of Acting helps prepare you to become a leading artist in theatre, film, and television. This in-depth focus on both acting for stage and for camera helps you gain dynamic skills in acting technique, and qualifies you for diverse acting work. Below are posters from performances where students from the School of Acting have worked to master their craft.

Almost Maine
Black Comedy
Crimes from the Heart
Golden Boy
Legally Blonde
No One is Alone
Six Degrees of Separation
Summer Shakespeare
The Rocky Horror Show
Tigers, Be Still

Featured Alumni

Industry Partnership

New Horizons Picture Corp

Recognizing the extraordinary opportunity for Academy students, Diane Baker and Curran G. Engel, stepped up as executive producers and ensured a successful partnership with New Horizons Picture Corp, film producer Roger Corman’s production company.

Careers in Acting

As graduates of one of the premier acting schools in the country, Academy of Art University acting alumni have a range of opportunities to choose from. Our facilities, faculty, and hands-on learning approach are designed to provide you with the tools you need to succeed as a professional actor. VIEW ALL CAREERS

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On-Camera Actor
As a on-camera actor for feature films, television, commercials, and industrials, you'll bring characters to life through technique, emotion, and presence. Use physicality, reaction, reflex, and listening skills to engage audiences and fully embody any character.
Stage Actor
Connect your craft to performance and become a stage actor, singer, or dancer. You will use technical proficiency, script analysis, and character research to deliver engaging and emotional performances for live audiences.
Voiceover Artist
As a voiceover artist, you'll apply your acting skills to animation, video games, commercials, narration, radio, TV, and character work. Find your vocal signature, learn accents, and bring characters to life.
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