Campus Safety

The Department of Campus Safety is a diversified organization providing professional safety services to its students, faculty and administrators. The Campus Safety team is a proactive, service-oriented agency trained to respond to the needs of the university and is staffed and equipped to protect with pride, sensitivity, and integrity.

If the worst happens...

What would you do if someone attacked you? Could you fight back or would you avoid resisting and wait to escape? Only you can decide whether to fight back, but preparing yourself for all possibilities could provide a split-second advantage:

  • If someone threatens you, shout and scream for help
  • Get to safety
  • You have every right to defend yourself with reasonable force with items that you have with you. Items such as an umbrella, hairspray, or keys can be used against an attacker, however, the law doesn’t allow civilians to carry anything that could be described as an offensive weapon
If you have been attacked...

Assaults and rapes are serious crimes, whether committed by a stranger or someone you know. If you or someone you know is attacked, call Campus Safety—we need your help to catch the attacker. You can help the safety team by:

  • Taking the name or address of any witness
  • Trying to remember exactly what the attacker looked like
  • If a car was involved, try to note the color, model, and license plate number

You do not need to go to the police station to report an assault and you can be interviewed in your own home if you wish. These crimes are dealt with sympathetically, regardless of gender.

Police stations have specially trained officers to help and support you, and many areas have comfortable victim suites separate from the police station where you can be interviewed privately.

Campus Safety Text Alerts

A campus safety text messaging service is available should you wish to voluntarily opt in.

To subscribe, please text: EZARTU to 313131.
To opt out, please text: STOP EZARTU to 313131.

Message and data rates may apply.

Note: Type EZARTU in upper case, otherwise your spell checker may substitute something other than the correct EZARTU keyword.

This real time alert will provide information regarding any emergencies or safety precautions that affect the university and its surroundings.

Please note: Your information will not be solicited to other parties. This service is free of spam and you will only receive alerts from the Academy of Art University Campus Safety Department.

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