You will learn in a creative environment and in a photography studio equipped with the newest technology, which will free you to realize anything you can imagine in traditional and new media.


Equipment Benefits

Industry standard tools and facilities allow you to work and learn in an real-world photography studio setting. Here are just some of the equipment benefits:

  • Equipment issue room with Canon Digital & Film SLR Cameras for check-out
  • Multimedia (motion) equipment, both audio and visual
  • Black and white darkrooms and alternative process studios
  • Digital print labs with over 100 high-end work stations
  • Film scanners, Wacom tablets and print capability to 44” in width

Check Out Room

Check out cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment in our well-equipped facility.

Dark Room

Traditional darkrooms are available for film processing and printing.

Digital Lab

Access the latest digital imaging hardware, software, large-format printers, flatbed scanners, digital camera backs, and dedicated large-format film scanners.

Three Buildings

Spanning three buildings, the facilities of our School of Photography feature a wide range of traditional and digital equipment, including digital cameras, lenses, lighting, darkrooms, studio space, and more.

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