Academy Resource Center

The Academy Resource Center is open to all students and provides support in Art Support & EAP Liaisons, English for Art Purposes language support, Accessibility Resources, and Online Student Support.

Art Support & EAP Liaisons

The Academy Resource Center (ARC) provides academic support and creative inspiration in a friendly, supportive environment that addresses students’ art and design, drawing, communication, and technical needs. We offer a range of educational support services to all current Academy of Art University students, for every major and most courses, online and onsite, both undergraduate and graduate.

For example, Language Support Labs provide individualized, language-based assistance to domestic and international students, both graduate and undergraduate, by appointment or drop-in. Tutors are ESL support professionals who specialize in course content for specific majors.

Academy support faculty and tutors have been chosen for both their expertise and their passion for helping students. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these services to help them with their classes and assignments; however, they should also make use of other support options to avoid falling behind.

ARC support services should not be regarded as a substitute for attending class and are effective only in conjunction with continued weekly attendance and participation.

Online Student Academic Support

Supporting both undergraduate and graduate students, Online Student Academic Support within

  • A.R.C. supports online students in:
  • Online learning strategies
  • Time management and project planning
  • Improving grades
  • Communicating with instructors
  • Study skills

Our Support Comes in Many Forms

Writing & Speaking Labs

On-Campus Writing Lab
Meet one-on-one with a tutor to get help composing, organizing, and editing a writing assignment.
Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Submit your written assignments online to an English instructor, and get written feedback on your main idea, idea development, and organization in 24 hours.
On-Campus Speaking Lab
Develop your speaking skills in conversation, presentation, and pronunciation.
Online Speaking Lab
The lab is open for both online and on-campus students to use, and you will need a computer with a microphone and web camera to participate.
Language Support Lab
The Language Support Lab provides department-specific, language-based assistance by appointment or drop-in. Tutors are ESL support professionals who specialize in course content for specific majors. Help is available for art and design courses, oral presentations and critiques, Midpoint/Final Review, graduate thesis project, or Directed Study research. Undergraduate, domestic, and international students are all welcome.
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