Throughout the studio-centric architecture degree program, our graduate students become top designers, who share a deep understanding of architecture. We provide them with the knowledge and abilities necessary to investigate their ideas and transform their architectural visions into built reality. We strongly believe in our students’ potential to shape the future of our environment as critical leaders in their field.

The undergraduate programs are building on the foundation of fundamental design, ethical awareness, and liberal arts. We offer intermediate and advanced design studios that help the students to unfold their creative potential. Our students enter the profession well prepared, as we educate them to become critical thinkers and visionary designers with skills and experiences to carry them into their architectural careers.



Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

Offered as a first professional degree, the Bachelor of Architecture program provides an intense design education by developing each student’s capacity to analyze, synthesize, and develop intelligent architectural designs. The B.Arch allows an undergraduate student to most efficiently pursue an architecture license and successfully enter the profession with a comprehensive portfolio.

Master of Architecture (M.Arch)

The NAAB accredited Master of Architecture (M.Arch) program prepares you to provide meaningful contributions to our built environment through the practice of architecture and urban design. There are two track options for this degree: M.Arch Track I: 63 units, and M.Arch Track II: 87 units. Degree track placement is determined on an individual basis, based on a portfolio review and transcript evaluation.

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Design is grounded in environmental design, providing a relevant and engaging studio-based and portfolio-driven undergraduate education. Students will develop their abilities and understanding in architectural design, art, architectural history and theory, fundamentals of sustainability and building tectonics, as well as advanced design representation tools.

Master of Arts in Advanced Architectural Design (MA-ARH)

There are two track options for the Master of Arts in Advanced Architectural Design (MA-ARH) degree. Graduates from NAAB-accredited 5-year B.ARCH program or equivalent, and graduates from a 4- or 5-year non-NAAB-accredited BA program in architecture, environmental design, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design and engineering are eligible for MA-ARH Track I (36 units). Final placement will be determined after transcripts and portfolio review. Applicants who graduate with an unrelated undergraduate degree will be placed in MA-ARH Track II (60 units).

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Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Program provides students with a holistic education covering the arts, humanities, and sciences. Courses highlight connections between the subject of study and the major fields of art and design, providing context to the larger world of art and design.

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The Foundations curriculum heightens perception and understanding of visual structure through the study of drawing, modeling of form, value structure, perspective principles, color, and design theory.

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